How to Fix Hot Water Loss in Your Columbus Home

Posted by on Dec 7, 2013 in Water Heater Repair Columbus Ohio, Water Heater Replacement Columbus Ohio

If hot water usually tends to be consumed rapidly at home, below are Water Heater Repair Columbus Ohio’s suggestions to attempt to address the issue. First, purge the water heating unit. With a gas-fired water heating unit, it removes the sediment that builds up in side the tank which disrupts heat transmission from the flame to the water above. While it does not boost electric water heating system efficiency as long as it does with gas, it it still essential to drain an electric heater also.

Next, insulate the water pipes holding the heated water to components. This is specifically vital if the pipes take a trip with unheated crawl spaces, via the garage or along the wall of the house’s foundation. One could slice strips of fiberglass insulation and put them meticulously around the pipe and tape them in position, however it is much easier and a lot more efficient to purchase self-stick pipe insulation marketed in 3-ft lengths and bagged or boxed. It is simple to set up.

Ultimately, insulate the water tank itself, being careful not to install insulation within 6 in. of the vent if it is a gas water heating unit, or to cover the thermostat on either gas or electric heating systems. Again, one can utilize fiberglass insulation, however it makes far a lot more sense to spend a little additional money and buy a bagged water heating system insulation package.

Prior to providing Water Heater Repair Columbus Ohio a telephone call, see whether these simple actions boost the problem. If they help just slightly, it may be time to switch out ones water heating unit or to potentially add on a tankless water heating system to assist meet the demand of hot water required during hectic times.

If one already has a gas-fired water heating system, it generally makes more sense to replace with a bigger gas water heater device because the gas, plumbing system and vent connections for the current heating system are already in position. A big storage tank (50 gallon) that is protected with as large an R value as feasible (somewhere in the community of R-25) work well. Additionally, the heater’s recovery rateshould be as high as feasible. This is the rate at which the water heater can increase the temperature of the inlet water by 90 1/4 F. It’s expressed in gallons each hour. Typical 50-gal. water heating units will have recovery rates in the range of 40 gph, however there are heavy-duty models that go as high as FIFTY to 60 gph.

Let Water Heater Repair Columbus OH know if you need any additional assistance – we are constantly offered to answer any kind of inquiries you may have!